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SAP Expertise

DEKKHA Consulting approach for the implementation of large SAP programs

Business vision capture and review of existing IT systems

Capturing the business vision: strategy and transformation issues, gains and trajectory,

Assess the contributions of EEC as a catalyst for transformation,

Identify the internal constraints linked to the existing situation (technological, human, financial, purchasing policy).

Definition of the deployment strategy

Define the SAP deployment strategy scenarios compatible with the business vision and trajectory, integrating the notion of benchmarking similar projects,

Build a business case per scenario: prerequisites, opportunities, constraints, adequacy with the business trajectory, compliance with company policy,

Select the most relevant scenario with variants.

Development of the SAP strategy implementation plan

Develop the plan for the operational implementation of the strategy,

Propose an associated organization and governance,

Build a schedule aligned with the trajectory and business milestones,

Define an action plan to initialize the strategy.

Assistance in the implementation of the SAP program

Detailed planning and organization,

Sourcing and training teams in charge,

Propose and support the implementation of governance tools (definition of dashboards, monitoring of reporting, etc.),

Raise team awareness of new working methods (Agile, Design Thinking, …).

Operational support

Support for the operational management of the SAP program (reporting, budget monitoring, communication, coordination of batches and integration management, design authority),

Methodological coaching (Agile methods, Design Thinking workshops,…),

Disseminate good practices,

Implementation support,

Develop the change management plan.

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