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DEKKHA Consulting / EEC expertise


DEKKHA Consulting approach in the definition of the EEC strategy

Existing analysis

Analysis of the strategy in place, past, launched and identified initiatives.

Diagnosis of internal origination capabilities to identify opportunities and limitations:

– Business model;

– BtoB/BtoC network;

– Sales force.

Strategy definition / Bcase

Definition of an EEC strategy base on the existing situation.

Definition of an optimal EEC strategy based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of procurement mechanisms.

Identification of internal EEC sources and business opportunities.

Definition of the strategy organizational impacts

Definition of the strategy operational implementation plan

Organizational proposition.

Definition and optimization of a cell assigned to EEC management.

Documentation and formalization of end-to-end processes.

Implementation assistance

Establishment of legal framework.

Establishment of processes.

Training of teams.

Support for the implementation of tools.

Operational Support

Assistance for steering obtaining EEC certificates process.

Resources and skills supervision.

Creation of standards.

Dissemination of good practices.


A daily experience

We daily work on EEC issues and we are now 100% operational on this very specific subject.

A vast capacity of intervention

We deal with high-level strategic topics, as well as highly operational topics.

A privileged network

We serve your strategy with a privileged network of key players in the system (partners, agents, delegates, bondholders, etc.),

End-to-end process control

By ensuring a strong link with our clients, we create a virtuous relationship conducive to exchange.

Access to key indicators on the EEC market

We have broad access to KPIs, data and indicators of the EEC market and key players through a network of historical relationships and active market monitoring.

Lobbying Access

We have a privileged vision of Lobbying and relations with influencers in the very specific and narrow EEC market.

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